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Spiff up your home with premium remodeling

Whether you’re contemplating expanding your living room space or transforming your guest room into a children’s play area, one thing is certain: remodeling will enhance your home significantly. Our team of dedicated general contractors in Rancho Bernardo and the neighboring areas is ready to fulfill all your desires.

At Eco Home Builders, we provide a comprehensive range of services, with a focus on creativity and craftsmanship. We guarantee durable and efficient construction for your remodeled home. You can rely on our general contractors to work diligently to realize your remodeling visions.

Eco Home Builders Inc - Home Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling - San Diego

Choose from our wide-ranging catalog

At Eco Home Builders, we’ve curated a diverse catalog of home remodeling options tailored to meet all your needs. We specialize in various residential remodeling projects, ranging from kitchen renovations to custom living room constructions. Take a browse through our selections, whether you’re seeking inspiration for a future project in Rancho Bernardo. Our exceptional customer service team will furnish you with all the necessary information to kickstart your project idea. Our construction and restoration services encompass:

  • Design planning
  • Room additions
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Condo remodeling
  • Bathroom reconstructions
  • Custom home rebuilds

Our experts are on hand to guide you every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Give us a call to set up a meeting with our general contractors!

Customize your Rancho Bernardo home

For three decades, Eco Home Builders has proudly served Rancho Bernardo and its neighboring areas. Discover why we’re the most relied-upon remodeling contractors in the region! Explore our diverse range of services to ignite inspiration for your home transformation.

Our goal is to ensure our customers are entirely content with their home makeovers. Simply share your vision and preferred remodeling style with us, and our designers will craft a project presentation for your review. Once you give us the go-ahead, we spring into action!

Boost your kitchen usability with a custom home remodel

You’ve finally decided to prioritize that long-overdue kitchen makeover. It’s no longer meeting your needs, and you’re eager to give it a fresh new look with a different color palette and style. Let Eco Home Builders handle the transformation for you.

Besides the living room, the kitchen holds significant importance in any household. It’s not just a space for cooking but also a hub for entertaining guests and bonding with loved ones over culinary adventures. With a customized home remodel in Rancho Bernardo, offering enhanced space and a refreshed layout, your kitchen will become the heart of your home. Our team is here to bring your vision to life.

Eco Home Builders Inc - Home Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling - San Diego

Maximize your outdoor living potential

Make the most of the beautiful weather in Rancho Bernardo, and your outdoor living area an extension of your living area. At Eco Home Remodeling & Design, our primary goal is to enhance your quality of life by maximizing your living possibilities.

After a long day at the office, a bike ride through the San Dieguito River Park, or a stroll through the beautiful Queen Califia’s Magical Circle, kick back and relax in your stylish new outdoor living area. We offer a varied selection of styles and ideas for you to choose from. We also do customized remodeling, specifically tailored to your requirements. Get in touch today and let us make your life easier!

Experience first-rate whole-home remodeling in Rancho Bernardo and the area

Eco Home Builders has been proudly revitalizing homes in Rancho Bernardo 92127, 92128, and surrounding neighborhoods for nearly 30 years. With dedication and passion, we ensure that every project results in a rejuvenated home that you and your family will cherish for years to come. Whether it’s stunning bathroom transformations or innovative kitchen renovations, our team of remodeling contractors is committed to bringing your dream home to life. Additionally, we offer comprehensive home remodeling services throughout San Diego, including:

  • High-end and functional kitchen redesigns in Escondido
  • Whole-house remodeling assistance in San Marcos
  • Customized outdoor and indoor home transformations in Ramona
  • Rejuvenated & remodeled living areas in Vista
  • Bathroom & other home remodeling assistance in Oceanside

Ready to get started on your redesign? Let’s get together and figure out the best plan for your home remodel. Give us a call or simply fill out the form to get in touch with our experts. Book today!

Complete Services
Our Services

We complete projects with custom designs and quality construction. From modern designs to quality finishes, we’ll deliver your amazing home renovation at a price that fits within your budget.




Our Kitchen Remodels offer the products that bring a beautiful continuity of design & flow to every kitchen. From cabinets to flooring, we can get your kitchen looking brand new!



If you are looking for specialty bathroom features such as heated floors and steam showers, then we are the right contractor for you. Create that modern look by changing the bathtub into a glass furnished walk in shower!



Having the perfect flooring can make all the difference. For example, wood floors are resilient and able to resist neglect and harsh treatment – but can begin to sulk after a few years of heavy traffic or lack of the right maintenance. Make sure your flooring is up-to-date!



Having the perfect flooring can make all the difference. For example, wood floors are resilient and able to resist neglect and harsh treatment – but can begin to sulk after a few years of heavy traffic or lack of the right maintenance. Make sure your flooring is up-to-date!



Our outdoor home remodeling team will work with you to design an outdoor living space specifically for your family. Enjoy beautiful outdoor spaces to complete your backyard space and live the California dream!



Remodeling your roof is one of the best ways that you can prevent leaks from causing damage to the entire home   . Renovating your roof could actually save money by attacking the issue, before it becomes a problem!



Room options are a savvy speculation for a few different reasons. They increase your home’s estimation and add accommodation and solace to your family and visitors. In addition, they provide an answer for the genuine necessity for an additional room for your home requirements.


ADU’S (Accessory Dwelling Units)

An incredible opportunity has just been given to California property owners! A new law allows homeowners the convenience to easily convert or remodel their existing garage into a livable and rentable space.

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