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    From paving, deck/patio installation, painting, gutters, windows installation, and roofing

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    The exterior of your home is just as important as the inside! This is why we provide lots of options for transforming your backyard or front yard into something new and exciting.

    Outdoor Remodeling San Diego
    Outdoor Remodeling San Diego
    Exterior Remodeling

    Our team of certified outdoor experts specialize in designing and remodeling outdoor spaces, can assure each residential project will result in a comfortably, usable space for all of your family members. From paving, deck/patio installation, painting, gutters, windows installation, and roofing, we provide complete exterior remodeling services. Keep in mind that any kind of outdoor work can change the look of your home instantly!

    Outdoor Remodeling San Diego
    Complete Exterior Remodeling


    From paving, deck/patio installation, painting, gutters, windows installation, and roofing, 

    Get Together Space


    If you’re looking to have extra space in your backyard, then adding a deck might be the perfect solution! It also adds aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior. You can choose from either natural woods or complete finishes to enhance the value of your home. In addition, having the extra space will increase the square footage and provide a place to host parties and family gatherings. Many homeowners will place decorations such as lights and garlands around the deck to create a peaceful environment where you can relax under the stars.

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    Outdoor Remodeling San Diego
    Outdoor Remodeling San Diego

    Landscape and Pool Construction

    Our wide variety of swimming pool designs can provide solutions for any type of backyard. Our expert design team accounts all aspects of landscape and pool construction into consideration for this new addition in your home. Our swimming pool styles range from infinity edge and formal pools to natural and informal pools. With the warm San Diego weather, you’ll be able to use your pool all year round and even host pool parties with friends and family!

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    Transform your dreams into reality

    Balconies and Backyards

    In addition to having the actual backyard space, you need to also factor in what the space will consist of and look like. You could always add an outdoor kitchen, BBQ area, and lounge space which can be incorporated into a beautiful design that will maximize the patio space. Outdoor spaces do need to be updated since they are exposed to the elements. Because of this, we are able to add new pavers or designate a space to add turf. Many of our projects include luxury materials that are cost effective to turn the outdoor space into something much more amazing!

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    Outdoor Remodeling San Diego
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    Eco Home Builders can fulfill all of your home’s remodeling requests in San Diego County. Contact our experienced remodeling team at (619) 586-6199 to receive a free quote.

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      Home Remodeling in San Diego
      We prioritize quality standards, timely completion, and delivering the final product to your satisfaction.
      Our Process

      Our San Diego remodel service process supports a personalized design and build approach: where renovation fits your lifestyle requirements and taste, with our project manager handling every aspect for you and keeping your renovation running smoothly.

      Initial Consultation

      When you first meet with our renovation consultant, they will inquire about your goals for your home renovation. This is the perfect opportunity to express all of your ideas, and we will tailor them to suit your project.


      Concept and Feasibility

      Our team will develop architectural concepts that align with your renovation objectives. These concepts will enable you to assess the feasibility of your ideas and make any necessary design modifications before the construction phase commences. This approach ensures that you have the opportunity to make changes before the work begins.


      Designing the Structure and Acquiring Permits

      Once you grant your approval to our designs, we shall proceed with the preparation of engineering and structural design, which will be submitted for San Diego building permits. Simultaneously, we will carefully consider your aesthetic choices while procuring the necessary construction materials.


      Construction Stage

      Your project is now ready to move from the design phase to the actual construction phase. The first step will be demolition and preparations, followed by the installation of new materials. We will oversee every aspect of the build and keep you informed of the progress with regular updates.


      Your finished Project

      Upon completion, we shall proceed with the final inspections alongside the officials to guarantee that you obtain the Certificate of Occupancy and the essential Code of Compliance documentation.

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      Our San Diego Indoor Remodel Services

      At Eco Home Remodeling, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship is what fuels our indoor renovation service in San Diego. Our top priority is upholding high-quality standards, completing projects in a timely manner, and ultimately delivering a final product that exceeds your expectations.

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      We set the bar when it comes to quality work and top tier customer service. That’s why we believe in creating long lasting relationships built on trust and open communication with each and everyone of our customers.