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    Replacing your existing flooring in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room of your home

    We Have a Wide Variety of Natural
    Floorings and Synthetic Surfaces

    Our suppliers have tons of options whether it be a natural flooring or a synthetic surface. This allows us to cater to the unique needs of your home!
    Flooring Remodeling Company San Diego
    Flooring Remodeling Company San Diego
    Our Flooring Options

    If you have been thinking about replacing your existing flooring in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room of your home but aren’t sure, know that getting a new floor will bring added value to your home or business as well as a beautiful atmosphere and professional appearance.
    Here at Eco Home Builders, we offer a variety of natural floorings and synthetic surfaces to meet your expectations. Our flooring materials range from natural stones to man-made tiles, hardwood planks, vinyl sheets, laminate tiles, composite planks, and more. We offer numerous styles and types to choose from, giving you a wide range of options to your home needs.

    Our Services
    Tiles, Hardwood Planks, Vinyl, Composite Planks

    Our flooring materials range from natural stones to man-made tiles, hardwood planks, vinyl sheets, laminate tiles, composite planks, and more.

    Floor Remodeling San Diego


    Remodeling San Diego


    Vinyl Hardwood




    Flooring Remodeling Company San Diego
    Flooring Installation Experts


    Ceramic and porcelain tiles can add an inviting atmosphere to your home or office. Here at Eco Home Builders, we offer a large selection of ceramic and porcelain tiles to meet all of your home improvement needs. Our flooring installation experts consider your home remodeling vision when helping you decide on the ceramic or porcelain tile that best suits your needs and preferences.

    Traditional & Warm Look


    Wood flooring brings a traditional and warm look to your home or workplace. The traditional look and feel of wood floors can still bring a classic feel to the place. There are multiple options for wood flooring and a myriad of shades to choose from. If you’re thinking of the traditional shade of wood as the only option, we implore you to take a second look and see if wood flooring would be the right choice for you! We have pre-finished, unfinished and finished wood flooring on site to choose from. You can expect your wood floors to last a really long time and maintain a nice look.

    About Us

    Flooring Remodeling Company San Diego
    Flooring Remodeling Company San Diego
    Floor Sanding Experts


    Renovation involves resealing existing floors which have already been restored, without the need for the full restoration process that involves resanding. Floor Sanding Experts will assess your floor and recommend the ideal solution. This normally involves resealing with whatever has been used previously: lacquer, hard wax or oil. Just by adding this resealent, there will be a fully new look and will bypass the option of getting completely new flooring done. This process is a good fix if your flooring is still intact, but needs enhancement.

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    Welcoming Environment To Your Home


    Carpet and carpet tiles will add a warm and welcoming environment to your home or office. Carpets can be added with either a neutral foundation or be the focal point of attention with bold patterns and vibrant colors and patterns. Depending on your style, you can choose from textured, plush, cut-and-loop, and more. Having a softer surface to walk on is something that differentiates carpet from different types of flooring and can also change the temperature of your home. Different types of carpet will serve different needs, so you can consider multiple options to best suit your needs.

    About Us

    Flooring Remodeling Company San Diego
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      Home Remodeling in San Diego
      We prioritize quality standards, timely completion, and delivering the final product to your satisfaction.
      Our Process

      Our San Diego remodel service process supports a personalized design and build approach: where renovation fits your lifestyle requirements and taste, with our project manager handling every aspect for you and keeping your renovation running smoothly.

      Initial Consultation

      When you first meet with our renovation consultant, they will inquire about your goals for your home renovation. This is the perfect opportunity to express all of your ideas, and we will tailor them to suit your project.


      Concept and Feasibility

      Our team will develop architectural concepts that align with your renovation objectives. These concepts will enable you to assess the feasibility of your ideas and make any necessary design modifications before the construction phase commences. This approach ensures that you have the opportunity to make changes before the work begins.


      Designing the Structure and Acquiring Permits

      Once you grant your approval to our designs, we shall proceed with the preparation of engineering and structural design, which will be submitted for San Diego building permits. Simultaneously, we will carefully consider your aesthetic choices while procuring the necessary construction materials.


      Construction Stage

      Your project is now ready to move from the design phase to the actual construction phase. The first step will be demolition and preparations, followed by the installation of new materials. We will oversee every aspect of the build and keep you informed of the progress with regular updates.


      Your finished Project

      Upon completion, we shall proceed with the final inspections alongside the officials to guarantee that you obtain the Certificate of Occupancy and the essential Code of Compliance documentation.

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      Our San Diego Indoor Remodel Services

      At Eco Home Remodeling, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship is what fuels our indoor renovation service in San Diego. Our top priority is upholding high-quality standards, completing projects in a timely manner, and ultimately delivering a final product that exceeds your expectations.

      Customer Feedback
      We Care about your opinion

      We set the bar when it comes to quality work and top tier customer service. That’s why we believe in creating long lasting relationships built on trust and open communication with each and everyone of our customers.