Before you buy materials or start swinging a hammer, make sure you have a plan in place for your new home addition. Consider working with a home addition contractor to make sure you’ve thought of everything. The following tips can help you pull together a plan for success. Think about why you’re adding a room. […]

Home Additions That Plan Ahead

Home Additions That Plan Ahead May 2016: Can today’s playroom become tomorrow’s master suite? Can a home office become a private suite for in-laws? Yes, with a “plan ahead” approach that can double the value of your home addition. A home addition is a great way to enjoy the extra room you need today. But when you […]

4 Ways to Optimize Living Space? Yes, Please!

Does anyone ever complain that they have too much space in their home? Nope! Whether it’s the number of closets, the number of bathrooms or just plain elbow room, everyone wants more! If moving is not an option, or you’re not able to put an addition onto your home because of lot size, zoning, or […]