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How to Care for your Pets During a Remodel

Living through a remodel is a challenge for everyone in your home – even your pets! Even the best-prepped homeowner will find that having a job site in your home will bring you some highs and low lows. Trust us though, it’s worth it! Now imagine what having noisy house guests does for your pets?! As a team of pet lovers, we’ve put together a guide to help you care for your pet while your home is under construction.

1. Find a safe space for your pets. For the safety and your pets and the workers, your fur babies need to be kept away from the work areas. Keep signs on doors alerting workers to “keep closed: pet inside” or something to that effect. Depending on the extent of your project and the layout of your home, here are a few options to consider:

  • Keep your pet in a closed room during the day that workers will not need access to.
  • Provide a secure dog run or catio out of the worker’s way.
  • Board at a kennel.
  • Drop off at doggy daycare.

2. Introduce your pets to the workers. If your dog will be staying home while work is happening at your home, we recommend having a meet and greet for your pets (dogs specifically). This will help both your pet and contractors get acquainted with one another which will hopefully lead to less barking down the road for you!

3. Make sure construction areas are completely blocked off. This goes without saying, pets are curious creatures! Hanging a sign or yellow tape isn’t enough to keep your pets from entering the work zone, so make sure they are kept in a safe area away from workers or are out of the house altogether. We recommend investing in some safety gates to add an extra level of protection to keep your furry friends safe.

4. Keep up with your normal routines. As you know, pets are creatures of habit and thrive on routine – so keep up with that routine as best you can while you’re renovating your home! Keep up with their feeding and exercise schedule and do your best to keep their days as normal as possible.

5. Get your pets microchipped. It never hurts to have a backup plan even if you have every other precaution in place!! Be sure your cats and dogs are microchipped and wearing collars with up-to-date tags that include your contact information. As pet owners ourselves, we recommend this practice for regular life but find it incredibly important if you are going to have workers in your home.

6. Consider hazardous fumes. Pets are typically more sensitive to fumes than we are, so be sure you’re aware of times in the project that may produce potentially harmful fumes (think: floor refinishing, etc.). if you’re unsure, talk with your contractor about it so they can keep you informed.

7. Talk with your contractor. Communicate your plans with your contractor before work starts and come up with ways to make the remodeling process more enjoyable and safer for everyone in your home. An important area to cover that we haven’t touched on yet is to make sure the remodeling team is keeping a clean worksite, covering any holes, and putting away their tools before leaving the job site each day. Be sure to see our complete list of what to discuss with your contractor before work begins.

8. Know your pet. At the end of the day, you know your pet best!! If they are sensitive to noise or strangers, it may be best to have them stay with a reliable friend or family member during your remodel or plan on working from home to be there for them. Another great tip is to plan a few fun trips on the louder, busier days of your remodel where you and your pet can take a hike and hang out outside of the home for a while. It will help you both de-stress and decompress – which is important!

9. Deep clean when work is complete. Last, but not least, deep clean when work is done! Even with our tidy crew and BuildClean unit, we will still leave some dust behind. So, before you officially move back in, wipe down every surface and ventilate your home.