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You can use various innovative materials to enhance the design and functionality of your new home. ECO Home Builder Inc a San Diego home designer, offers unique construction techniques to make your home stand out. These are the most innovative materials to create a beautiful new home.

Graphene Paint

Graphene is a revolutionary idea in both the scientific and home improvement worlds. Graphene can be applied to the outside walls of your home and absorbs sunlight, producing electricity. It converts solar energy into electrical energy that can be used to power home appliances. Graphene paint can be used in a variety of applications. It is both functional and sustainable. Graphene paint can be applied to interior walls to regulate your home’s temperature. Graphene, which is pure lime, can purify the air in your home.

Vinyl Flooring

The latest addition to flooring is the loose lay vinyl plank. Vinyl is easy to install. Vinyl is more durable than other flooring materials. It doesn’t require locking, sliding or clicking. Because they are glued to the floor, the planks can be fitted. Because they are not glued to a floor, these planks can be easily removed. Loose-lay vinyl is durable, recyclable, and comfortable. Vinyl flooring has another advantage: it doesn’t shrink, warp, shrink, or float above its subfloor.


Hempcrete, a brand new construction material, is now very popular in the US. Hempcrete is an excellent alternative to fiberglass insulation. Hempcrete is made from hemp and lime. Hempcrete has the same strength and resistance to cracking as regular residential concrete.


Geoluxe is a new product recently introduced to the construction industry. It is a manufactured rock with many of the same characteristics as marble. It is visually and aesthetically similar to a regular marble but stronger. Geoluxe can be made in the same way as natural marble. Geoluxe stones are manufactured using pressure, heat, and minerals. Geoluxe looks best on kitchen countertops.

Laminated Timber

Laminating lumber boards together is the key to making laminated timber. These lumber boards are typically kiln-dried. Laminate wood is often stacked together for strength when building a house. High-rise buildings are increasingly using laminated wood. It is highly compressive and tensile strength.

House to Home is a San Diego home designer that uses the most advanced technology. It is also more environmentally friendly and takes less time to build a house. For the best structural designs with laminated timber, contact us.

Insulated Concrete

Insulated concrete is usually stacked together before being reinforced by steel bars. They are a combination of solid foam and concrete. Insulated concrete provides sufficient insulation to protect your home from heat and sound. The material is also reliable and durable, which makes your house more long-lasting. The material does not work well in colder areas as it heats up faster than other materials.

3-D Printing

3D printing can be used to personalize your home. This printing is affordable and customizable to fit your needs. But, 3-D printing technology is still not mainstream in the construction industry.

Terrazo and TrendQ

Terrazzo is gaining popularity in the construction sector. It is made of concrete and tiles mixed with stone chip pigments. There have been many terrazzo alternatives that are made from recycled materials. Trend Q is one such product. Trend Q is made of resins that are more durable than concrete terrazzo. Trend Q can be used to make countertops and tiles. Trend Q is available in various styles and can be customized to suit different tastes and designs.

Sheep Wool

Use sheep wool to warm up your home. It provides warmth even in the winter and is an excellent insulation option. Sheep wool does not emit chemicals, which is its main advantage. Unfortunately, it is hard to find sheep wool.


There has been an increase in the use of innovative materials to build new homes thanks to technological advances. House to Home is a top San Diego home builder. We have many creative ideas to help you construct your dream home with unique materials. Call us today to get the best construction company in San Diego to design your dream home.