Rehab Diary: How to Paint Furniture Like an Expert

Step 1: Get Your Inner Zen On/Chill Out Sure, when deadlines loom, I’ve been known to slap on a quick coat of photo-worthy paint. The results never bear close inspection. The key to a smooth, durable paint job is to slow down. So download those TED talks you’ve been meaning to listen to, or the audio-book version of War […]


It’s exciting to imagine the end result of a home remodeling project, envisioning a fabulous new bathroom, lovely new floors, or a gleaming, modern kitchen. Getting to the end, however, can take some patience, savvy and planning. Depending upon the project, you may have to deal with everything from workmen arriving at the break of […]

Why You Should Start Planning your Remodel Today

Since many of us have spent more time in our homes than ever before over the past year, we have a new appreciation for what does and doesn’t work in our home. If you’ve been thinking of remodeling your home, it’s wise to give our office a call to schedule your first appointment! Recently Houzz conducted a survey […]

How to Plan for Contractor Timelines During COVID

How do you plan for a home renovation project during a pandemic? Can you safely have contractors in your home? How will COVID-19 affect contractor and product delivery timelines? Those are all valid questions homeowners with renovation plans should be asking. These issues are especially important when so many of us are working remotely or […]

How to Design Bathroom Cabinets in Just Five Steps

Here are the steps we took to design the new cabinetry: 1) Determine Space First we asked her about the existing space. She wants the new cabinet to fit the already existing space. The current countertop height is about 33 inches, and bathroom counters can range from 31–36 inches high. 2) Examine Function The new […]

5 Tips To Finding the Best Contractor for Your Project

You’ve done your homework and your dream kitchen is nearly a reality. Your design goals have been laid out and met, your overall budget set. You’ve picked out cabinets, countertops, and lighting. The final step is to find a reputable kitchen remodel contractor you can trust with your dream. A kitchen renovation is often a homeowner’s once-in-a-lifetime […]

4 Ways to Optimize Living Space? Yes, Please!

Does anyone ever complain that they have too much space in their home? Nope! Whether it’s the number of closets, the number of bathrooms or just plain elbow room, everyone wants more! If moving is not an option, or you’re not able to put an addition onto your home because of lot size, zoning, or […]