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Are you moving to San Diego, CA? If so, you’ll want to look at the safest neighborhoods in San Diego before deciding. San Diego is a beautiful city with plenty to offer its residents, including a wide variety of neighborhoods to choose from.  Each neighborhood has its own unique personality and charm, and, of course, a level of safety. Here is a list of the safest neighborhoods in San Diego to help get you started. Credit:

The Safest Neighborhoods in San Diego to live in!

Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter San Diego, CA 92101   The historic Gaslamp Quarter provides a similar urban lifestyle to Downtown San Diego, but at a lower cost. Residents who relocate to this fashionable, culturally dynamic neighborhood will like being close to the action, including the Gaslamp Promenade and public activities such as weekly street dances. A gaslamp disco is just outside the door of Silent Revival! The Gaslamp Quarter is highly walkable and has excellent public transportation via the Metropolitan Transit System, so getting around is simple no matter how you want to go.   The median home price in this neighborhood is $189,600, with a monthly rent of $1,030. The crime rate is lower in this neighborhood than in 47% of other San Diego neighborhoods. This is ideal for young professionals and singles. Gaslamp Quarter Credit:

Rancho Bernardo

Rancho Bernardo San Diego, CA   Rancho Bernardo is a magnificent master-planned community in San Diego’s northern hills. Rancho Bernardo is a terrific spot to live and work in San Diego, with offices for major businesses such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard, as well as Sony Electronics’ corporate headquarters. The presence of high-quality institutions, such as, Westward Elementary School and Rancho Bernardo High School, makes this San Diego neighborhood also perfect for families!   This neighborhood’s median home price is $553,456 and the median monthly rent is $1,732. The crime rate is lower than in 94% of San Diego communities. It is ideal for singles, young professionals, families, and retirees. Rancho Bernardo Credit:

Rancho Penasquitos

Rancho Peñasquitos San Diego, CA   Rancho Penasquitos is a secure and tranquil suburban San Diego community. The neighborhood’s lovely landscape is best characterized by its most prominent geographical feature, Black Mountain. In fact, one of the neighborhood’s biggest appeals is its outdoor activities. Rancho Penasquitos has vast parks, low crime rates, and excellent local schools, such as, Sunset Hills Elementary School, Black Mountain Middle School, and Mount Carmel High School.   The median home price in this neighborhood is $602,482; the median monthly rent is $1,678. The crime rate in this neighborhood is lower than in 93% of other San Diego communities. It’s ideal for families and retired people. Rancho Penasquitos Credit:                          

Scripps Ranch

Scripps Ranch San Diego, CA   Scripps Ranch is the place to be if you’re looking for a safe San Diego community with something for everyone! It’s easy to get out and explore the neighborhood, thanks to scenic parks, walking trails, and the lovely Miramar Reservoir. Furthermore, there are numerous fashionable pubs, restaurants, and stores located in the neighborhood that you can enjoy! Higher education is also available nearby at National University Scripps Ranch and Alliant International University.   This neighborhood’s median home price is $619,742 with a monthly rent of $1,666. This neighborhood’s crime rate is practically non-existent. It is safer than 95% of the communities in San Diego. It is ideal for students, singles, young professionals, families, and retirees. Scripps Ranch Credit:

La Jolla

La Jolla San Diego, CA   A little further up the coast from Pacific Beach, it’s clear to understand why this Mediterranean-style community is regarded as San Diego’s crown jewel. This A+ rated neighborhood has award-winning schools, ritzy streets, and a thriving dining and cultural scene, with world-renowned beaches and tall, rocky cliffs forming a dramatic background.   Aside from its seven miles of coastline and stunning beauty, La Jolla delivers a tremendous economic punch as the home of the University of California San Diego, one of the world’s top research colleges.   The mean property value in this area is $1.9 million for a 2- or 3-bedroom, making it one of the most expensive and sought-after places to reside in the United States. While the neighborhood is largely made up of single-family homes, the average monthly rent in La Jolla is roughly $2,400. La Jolla is safer than 77% of California’s cities. La Jolla Credit:


Encinitas California   Swami Beach in Encinitas inspired the Beach Boys‘ tune “Surfin’ USA,” and is an untouched remnant of the ancient Highway 101 beach lifestyle. While the beach remains one of San Diego’s premier surf areas, the city today has a population of roughly 60,000 people, including families who value the city’s top-rated schools, unique cafes and coffeehouses, and emphasis on outdoor living.   Looking to live in Encinitas, about 30 minutes north of San Diego? It’s a fantastic location, but it’s costly. The average property value in this area is around $1.4 million, with lower values inland, as one would expect. The average monthly rent is around $2,150, but there is a range of beautiful cottages and modern condos with direct access to the beach. Encinitas is safer than 57% of all American cities. It has 46% fewer violent crimes than the national average. Encinitas Credit:

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